Advent Calendar Christmas 2023 (Digital Printable)

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The advent calendar that brings love and joy without candies and toys. Please note: This is the printable version. 




    Hear the jingle bells softly ringing? This holiday season, we wish to bring joy and actions to your family with an advent calendar. @bookishplayroom and @montessorily dedicated this advent calendar to engage young children with very hands-on experience while counting down to Christmas day.

    Beginning December 1st and ending on the 25th, every single day of this calendar has a simple and meaningful activity that the child can do, ranging from caring for self, helping around the house, sharing the love with others or nature. These simple call to actions make the advent season feel like something the children can actually participates in.

    Most of these activities require no preparation. Mommies can decide which activity card for a specific day based on the family’s schedule. We also include 3 blank cards for mommies to design activities for the children. You can also celebrate special moments of the year by preparing 25 photographs (2R size) and put together with the activity cards in the envelopes. As the child opens an envelope a day, cherishes a moment to remember and does a meaningful activity while counting down to X’mas, the holiday becomes more meaningful.

    You can use the advent calendar with our sound cabinet and have fun opening one drawer and reveal the activity each day. After the holiday, you can replace the Christmas motif stickers and chang into the alphabet stickers and transform the cabinet into a sound cabinet! Check out the bundle offer here.

    You can also use the hemp string included to hang the envelopes up on your book-shelf with the lovely star clips, or put the envelopes on a small tray or plate, and open one a day!

    The Digital Printable of the advent calendar include:

    1. 27 activity cards and 3 blank cards in A4 pdf file
    2. 1-25 Number Stickers illustrated in X’mas theme in A4 pdf file

    If you are located in Hong Kong, you can also consider our physical set of advent calendar or the special bundle with the Sound Cabinet.

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