Baby Feed and Play Gift Set (Set B)

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Bring joy to your beloved ones with this baby hamper gift set!


Bring joy of baby feed & play bundles to your loved ones with our curated hamper gift sets! A special collaboration by Montessorily, TSEDUCATION HK and Double Happiness, this gift set features a tasty freeze-dried apple snack and fluffy pancake premix, a fun Montessori toy, and Nana’s manners cutlery and bowl.

We designed the hamper set based on the baby’s developmental stage. Around six month old, the baby is starting his or her solid food journey. We provide nutritious and healthy baby food from Double Happiness. The mealtime utensils and cutleries from Nana’s Manners are designed to help the baby learn to self feed. When the baby can sit well, he starts to work on his palm grasp, hence the fine motor toy or rattle from we select at Montessorily will be amusing to him. This gift has something for everyone. Teach your little ones important life skills while enjoying delicious treats. Order now and give the gift of happiness!

This hamper set includes 6 items:
  • Double Happiness Pancake Mix (1 pack): A handy veggie pancake powder ideally for kid’s breakfast and snack. No chemicals and preservatives added. No artificial colors, no baking powder added, no salt, and only natural ingredients.


  • Double Happiness Apple Snack (1 pack): Designed for babies and children 6 months old and above, these freeze dried fruit bites melt in the mouth. The fruits are cut into stick shaped with length (5-6cm). This will be easy for baby to pick up and consume. It is high in fiber and helps digestion. The vitamin C & B6 help to maintain healthy immune system. The high qntioxidants helps the baby to grow and thrive.


  • Montessorily Wooden Car or Rattle with Caged Bell (either one)
    • Wooden Car: With gentle curves and rounded edges, the wooden car is perfect for babies who are learning to crawl. The top part of the car is also a handle for picking up as a rattle! The babies will have much fun with it. The car and all its parts are made in wood.
    • Rattle with Caged Bell: This is a fun rattle that your baby will enjoy the exercise of grasping and reaching when he is learning his body movements. He can discover the cause-and-effect when he holds the rattle and shake it. The bell is encased in the cylinder, and while it makes sound, parents will not need to worry that the bell may be easily fetched by the baby.


  • Nana’s Manner Bowl (1 piece): Essential for parents at the start of their weaning journey. The uniquely shaped handle is easy for parents to hold whilst feeding baby and the strong suction base ensures the bowl stays on the table or highchair tray when baby is feeding themselves! A pull-tab allows parents to easily remove the bowl from surfaces. The perfectly contoured lip allows food to be easily scooped without dripping down the sides. Designed to support you and your little one to enjoy the taste and textures of their first solid food experiences. Once your baby has moved on from purees, this will become becomes perfect for finger foods, cereals, snacks and much more.


  • Nana’s Manner Plate (1 piece): It is designed for babies and toddlers excited to feed themselves! Sized perfectly for little meals, the three sections allow food to be divided or dipped as desired. The super strong suction base will keep the plate firmly on the table and the ‘catch-it’ lip encourages the food that didn’t quite make it into their mouths to roll back onto the plate.


  • Nana’s Manner Cutlery Set: Spoon and Fork (1 set)  The sets are shaped especially to focus on supporting children’s confidence-building whilst learning to eat foods independently. The handles are soft to touch, very comfortable, and perfectly sized to support your child’s first introduction to using the left and right utensils as children learn to confidently develop their hand-to-eye co-ordination when eating.


Recommended Age: 6 months old and up

Safety Reminder: Always supervise your baby while eating and playing with toys. 


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 9 cm
Product Details

Pancake Mix (15 x 21 x 3 cm, 210 grams), Apple Snack (12 x 17 cm, 10 grams), Bowl (28 x 20 x 5 cm, 250 grams), Spoon and Fork Set (28 x 20 x 5 cm, 250 grams), Plate (28 x 20 x 5 cm, 350 grams, Wooden Car (8 x 5 x 6 cm, 100 grams, Rattle with Caged Bell 9 x 8 x 8 cm, 100 grams)

Nana's Manners

Blue, Purple


Wooden Car, Rattle with Caged Bell


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