Baby Sensory and Fine Motor Gift Set

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Bring joy to your beloved ones with this baby gift set!

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    Designed for babies of 4-12 months old, this beech wood 5 piece sensory and fine motor set encourages the baby to explore shapes, texture, sound and moving objects safely.

    This gift set includes 5 items:
    • Wooden Car: With gentle curves and rounded edges, the wooden car is perfect for babies who are learning to crawl. The top part of the car is also a handle for picking up as a rattle! The babies will have much fun with it. The car and all its parts are made in wood. (4-12 months)
    • Wooden Egg and Cup: The Montessori Egg and Cup is a fascinating toy for babies who are eager to pick up and put down objects. The baby learns to use both of his hands with the egg and the cup. After practices he will be able to put the egg in the cup with a satisfactory smile! Suitable for babies who can sit up independently and move around his hands comfortably. (6-12 months)
    • Rattle with Caged Bell: This is a fun rattle that your baby will enjoy the exercise of grasping and reaching when he is learning his body movements. He can discover the cause-and-effect when he holds the rattle and shake it. The bell is encased in the cylinder, and while it makes sound, parents will not need to worry that the bell may be easily fetched by the baby. (4-10 months)
    • The 2-bead Circle Wooden Rattle:Around three to four months, the baby may like to reach for objects and hold them. Made in natural beech wood, the 2-bead circle rattle is easy to grasp and it is hand sanded so the surface is silky smooth.  The baby can explore the textures of the two beads and listen to the sweet clinking sound when he shakes it. (4 -9 months)
    • Wooden Stacking Rings on Vertical Dowel: The wooden rings have wide opening in the middle and suitable for the babies starting from 10 months old. Putting the rings one by one through the vertical dowel is not only fun, the baby will strengthen his hand eye coordination and concentration. (9-12 months)

    Beech wood is a hard non-splintering wood that is naturally antibacterial, totally chemical free, durable and shock resistant. All of our Beech wood is unique and may have a different grain from what you see in the photos.

    Recommended Age: 4 months old and up

    Safety Reminder: To wash, wipe with a damp cloth. Do not submerge in water. Always supervise your children with our products and discard at the first sign of damage. 


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