Designing an Inspirational Childhood for Children 為孩子設計啟發性童年

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A Montessori-aligned parenting guide for the busy parents!

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    How important is it to prepare ourself even before the baby is born? “Designing an Inspirational Childhood for Children” is a parenting guide written by Fiona Kwong, a certified educator and an advocater of positive discipline.

    Highlighting the ages of 0-6 years old as an essential window of opportunity for learning, this book meticulously analyzes how to create a stimulating and personalized home environment for babies by focusing on five key categories: environment, sleep, diet, play, and parenting. As the ultimate childhood designer, readers will learn how to establish a healthy lifestyle that nurtures their child’s growth and potential, while infusing it with love.

    In this book, Fiona illustrates the miraculous power of positive parenting through various examples. Additionally, she provides detailed answers to common parenting dilemmas such as a child’s refusal to sit still during meals, reluctance to fall asleep alone, and sibling disputes.

    By learning from mistakes and courageously facing various parenting challenges, all parents of young children will undoubtedly benefit from this enlightening guide.

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