Toddler Dressing Book

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Encourage fine motor exercises and support independent dressing



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    This is essentially the home and portable edition of the Montessori dressing frames. Six dressing skills are put in a book format, easy to carry around. It is a “busy book” while on the go.

    Around 18 months old, your toddler may become more interested in doing things independently, such as self dressing. You would likely see them practice putting on clothes, shoes and socks repeatedly. It is all learning step by step, from basic to complex, and from easy to difficult.

    In the toddler dressing book, there are six skills that we focus on: buttoning, snap button, zipper, buckling, tying a knot, and shoe lacing. Zippers, snaps and buckles are likely what they will be interested in first. While buttoning and lacing, tying knots may come after. It can become a busy book where they can work on while travelling or on-the-go.

    Each page is in single color, helping the child to focus on the task itself. This dressing book helps to lengthen the concentration span, as well as complement all the self-dressing efforts the child is engaging herself in at home!

    Recommended Age: 18 months +

    Safety reminder: We recommend adult supervision to prevent choking hazard from the loose parts. 

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