Hairdressing Set

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Celebrate this coming Mother’s Day with our Hairdressing Set


Did you wish that you could cut your Barbie doll’s hair when you were little? Has your child tried to cut his or her doll’s hair but regretted a bad haircut?

@bookishplayroom and @montessorily introduce a new collaboration project, a Hairdressing Set. The project idea started when one of the three mommies mentioned that she used recycled materials for hairdressing play, but found that they were not durable enough to sustain many uses.

We decided to design a Hairdressing Set where mommies and children can fulfill the childhood wish, that there is always chance to redo or create a new hairstyle. The collaborated is fun, heart-warming and also filled with opportunities of fine motor exercises. The set comes with a mommy’s face and a child’s face. Mommies can enjoy the hair dressing play together with the child.

The Hairdressing Set by @bookishplayroom and @montessorily not only supports the development of aesthetic sense, concentration and patience, but also offers many forms of fine motor exercises.

What are the possibilities with the Hairdressing Set?

  • Putting hair on the head by pulling and cutting a few strands of yarn and tying a knot
  • Cutting hair with scissors
  • Learning to braid hair (Think of a Montessori braiding board but in a fun way.)
  • Combing hair (Comb your doll’s hair and then your own too!)
  • Tying hair with elastic bands
  • Decorating hair using three finger grasps to open and close the small clips
  • Putting on earrings Peeling stickers off and putting them on the ears
  • Putting on actual earrings on mommy’s face. (There are two holes on the ears of the mommy face plate)

The set comes with:

  • A pair of mommy and child faces made in thick wood plates
  • Two wooden hearts. The large heart says “I love you” on it
  • Thick yarn balls in 3 colors (Black, Brown, Mustard, one each)
  • Wooden comb x 1
  • Flower hair clips x 3 (random colors)
  • Bunny hair clips x 3 (random colors)
  • Gem shape face stickers (random style)

You would also have option to enjoy special add-on offers on

  • a pair of Scotch child safe scissors
  • 4 piece tray (writing tray with 1 rectangle tray and 2 small square trays)

Recommended age: 3 years old and above

Safety reminder: Please supervise the children during the activities especially while young children are working with small parts.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 35 × 18 × 5 cm

Set Only, Set with scissors, Set with 4 piece tray, Set with scissors and 4 piece tray


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