Infant Pincer Block

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    This Pincer Block is usually offered to the baby around 9 months old, when he starts attemping to use the thumb and index finger to grasp small objects. The baby is usually sitting well independently at this moment and is able to use palmer grasp for most objects he sees.

    As the baby practices his pincer grasp, the accuracy of fitting the knobbed cylinder in the hole will improve over time. A younger baby may use one hand to perform this action, with the block placed on the ground; an older baby may hold the block on one hand and insert the knobbed cylinder with the other hand.

    This material teaches pincer grasp, hand eye coordination and concentration.

    Product Dimensions: 7 X 7X 6 cm

    Weight: 0.35 kg


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    Weight 0.35 kg
    Dimensions 7 × 7 × 6 cm


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