My First Learning Pencil – Jumbo Triangular Pencils with Sharpener and Eraser

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Start your child’s writing journey with the right tools

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    To prepare for your preschoolers’ first writing experience, we designed a user-friendly pencil that promotes the proper three-finger pencil grasp (tripod grasp). No pencil gripping aid is needed at all, because the triangular shaped jumbo pencil is thick enough (10 mm) for the little fingers to hold. The soft graphite of 6B makes it comfortable to guide the pencil to write or draw or just scribble what’s on their minds. The 14 cm length is just the right length to maintain good balance and control of the pencil based on those preschools’ hand strength, making the first writing experience an effort-worthy and strainless one.

    This Basic set includes: a pack of 8 pc jumbo triangular pencils, 1 pc of pencil sharpener from KUM Germany (random color), and 1 pc Staedtler Soft eraser.

    The 8 pc pencil pack itself is available for refill purchase separately. You may also find a full stationery set with scissors, ruler and a statinery tray for organizing the items on the desktop.

    Recommended age: 3 years old and up.

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