Montessori Newborn Box Set

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Start your baby’s Montessori journey with a prepared environment


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The Montessori Newborn Box by Petite Blumen and Montessorily contains 10 essential Montessori activity items to prepare the new parents for the upcoming newborn through their first six months in the Montessori prepared environment.  The newborn box contains 10 items  A suggested timeline card is included to guide the parents through the journey. We are only making a limited quantities of the Newborn Box. We will also supply a detailed user instruction for each item for the individual owners of the box. There is an optional Topponcino infant pillow for use during the baby’s activity time and rest time.


The 10 items include:

  • The Munari Mobile:Even in the womb, babies can tell the difference between light and dark. And at birth, they see shapes by following the lines where light and dark meet. The Munari is the first of the Montessori Mobiles and it can be used as early as your newborn is about 2-3 weeks old. Newborns can only see black, white and some gray. He prefers sharp lines and geometric shapes, and high contrast images. The transparent sphere reflects light. When the mobile moves slowly and gradually, the newborn’s eyes and head follow the moving mobile and the light.


  • The Octahedron Mobile:Entering the second month, the newborn starts to see colors. Starting with high contrast color, red is the first color that he sees, and then the other highly distinguishable colors. That is why the Octahedron mobile consists the three primary colors, red, yellow and blue color. And its shape is made of the diamond shaped geometric solid as the strong lines reflect the light.


  • The Gobbi Mobile:Around the later part of the second month into the third, the baby can start to notice color transitions. The Gobbi is the third in the Montessori visual mobile series. There are five crochet balls made in different shades of green color. The darkest color is the lowest and the lightest color is the highest, because the baby sees the dark ball that’s closest to him. And he will see the lighter colors as his vision improves.


  • The Dancers Mobile:The Montessori Dancers Mobile is the 4th mobile in the Visual Mobile Series. It is used during the latter part of the third month to the fourth months. Halographic paper is used to cut out four dancer figures, and the light is reflected as the mobile moves by the wind. The baby watches the dancers move and turn repeatedly with focus and excitement. This helps the baby continue developing his concentration, dynamic visual focus and depth perception.


  • The Puzzle Cloth Ball:Around three to four months old, the baby’s vision is much improved. He starts to move his hands and feet with clear intention to grasp or kick an object. The puzzle ball is made of different patterns and contrasting colors of soft fabric. The very first puzzle balls were made in three segments that can be separated and then reassembled, and hence they are called the puzzle balls. Due to safety, the puzzle balls are made connected and not detachable nowadays.


  • The Circle Wooden Rattle:Around three to four months, the baby may like to reach for objects and hold them. Made in natural beech wood, the 2-bead circle rattle is easy to grasp and it is hand sanded so the surface is silky smooth.  The baby can explore the textures of the two beads and listen to the sweet clinking sound when he shakes it.Beech wood is a hard non-splintering wood that is naturally antibacterial, totally chemical free, durable and shock resistant. All of our Beech wood is unique and may have a different grain from what you see in the photos. To wash, wipe with a damp cloth. Do not submerge in water. Always supervise your children with our products and discard at the first sign of damage.


  • The Cylinder Bell Rattle:This is a fun rattle that your baby will enjoy the exercise of grasping and reaching when he is learning his body movements. He can discover the cause-and-effect when he holds the rattle and shake it. The bell is encased in the cylinder, and while it makes sound, parents will not need to worry that the bell may be easily fetched by the baby.


  • The Nipple Sensory Ball:The yellow color silicone ball has multiple nipple like texture points. It stimulates the baby’s skin and wakes up his sense of touch during the first year, the critical period of sensory development.  The nipple heads make the ball easy to grasp and allow him to transfer the ball from hand to hand. The baby can grab and press the soft surface while playing.


  • The Interlocking Disc:The Interlocking disc contains two wooden discs placed together at an angle. It is great for the baby to practice hand-to-hand transfer. Later, he can practice chasing after it when he is learning to crawl and move on the floor!  Because of its size and shape, it will not roll away too far. The challenge is just right, before he gets too frustrated.


  • The Maracas:The baby’s auditory function was actually fully developed while he was in the womb! As he learns to babble and make sounds during the first few months and is able to grasp objects firmly, in the fifth and sixth months, it is time to introduce simple musical instrument like the maracas, so he can shake and make sounds, and follow the music to move and make some sounds.

A Topponcino is an infant security pillow that provides comfort, support and consistency throughout the first few delicate months of a baby’s life. Its unique oval shape cradles your baby, providing essential head, neck, and body support while holding, handling, and feeding. It is an essential item when the baby is doing floor activities with the visual mobiles and tummy time. Like a “blankie” or “lovie” for your newborn, the topponcino becomes a consistent comfort in your baby’s life.

Safety Reminder: The mobiles are intended for decoration only and should be hung out of little one’s reach. Always supervise your children with our products and discard at the first sign of damage.


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