Montessori Sewing Box and Sewing Kit

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Start off your child’s sewing experience with this Montessori sewing box with a full kit tailor made for the little hands.


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Sewing is an essential fine motor and practical life activity in Montessori education. Such fine motor work would help our little ones develop those little hands for writing and their intellect. We decided to make a sewing box that the child would cherish, enjoy, and one that the family could share and pass on for a long time.

The Sewing Box is made in natural bamboo and customized to fit each tool above. The upper tray holds the needles, thread, needle threader, beads and buttons; while the lower compartment holds the scissors, pin cushions and embroidery hoop. It reinforces the sense of order and encourages the child to return them in order after use. “Everything has its place.”

How is this Montessori sewing box different from an adult sewing box?

  • Needles: We use blunt needles of three different lengths and point sizes. The child could progress from the thicker to the finer gradually.  Parents may concern the usage of metal needles. The blunt needles help to deliver a more realistic sewing experience while keeping it relatively safe. A case for the needles is included for storing them when not in use. Adult supervision is ALWAYS recommended.
  • Needle Threader: An embroidery needle threader with hooks of two sizes helps the child learn how to thread with two hands, while the needle is on the pin cushion. 2 pieces are included in the kit.
  • Burlap cloth: It is made in natural burlap, a loose fabric perfect for embroidery threads to punch through, hence great for beginner sewers. It also provides a tactile contrast between the cloth and the needle (rough and smooth).
  • Embroidery Hoop: An embroidery hoop made in natural bamboo versus plastic, and sized for the small hands to hold and sew easily.
  • Scissors: A small pair of round-tip scissors that actually cuts threads and fits the child’s hands. Most small scissors in sewing kits may have sharp tips or thin or blunt blades.
  • Pin Cushion is a great tool to learn to thread the needles, and to place the unfinished needle and thread temporarily while the work is still in progress. We found a pin cushion that can be usef for blunt needles. For the very large pointed needles, you would need to poke a hole on the pin cushion first and instruct the child to use the same hole to insert the needle for threading.
  • Thread and accessories: 7 colors of rainbow colored threads and colorful beads and buttons are included for the child to embellish their sewing with joy.

We wish the Sewing Box will spark joy in your child’s sewing experience and that it will be a sewing box to pass on for years.

The Sewing Box and Sewing Kit include:

  • 1 x bamboo box
  • 3  x blunt needles
  • 1 x needle case
  • 1 x pin cushion
  • 2 x needle threaders
  • 1 x embroidery hoop
  • 7 x embroidery threads
  • 1 x scissors
  • 10 x burlap cloths (15 x 15 cm squares)

The Sewing Kit can be purchased by itself. Please see product option for selection.

Recommended age: 2.5 years old +, after having good practices of preliminary exercises of pin poking and threading. Being able to tie the knot is not required at the beginning stage. Adult assistance is desired.

Safety Reminder: Always supervise your children when they use these tools. Establish a good habit of placing everything back in its place after use. Store the needles safetly in the needle case provided. Small objects may become choking hazard. Please store them away from younger children or babies. 


Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm

Full Set (Wooden Case and Sewing Kit), Sewing Kit only


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