Nana’s Manners Stage 1 Children’s Suction Bowl

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Nana’s Manners Stage 1 suction bowl is a great tools for your baby’s weaning journey


Nana’s Manners Stage 1 Suction Bowl

Essential for parents at the start of their weaning journey. Nana’s Manners Stage 1 bowl is perfectly designed for parents and babies.  The uniquely shaped handle is easy for parents to hold whilst feeding baby and the strong suction base ensures the bowl stays on the table or highchair tray when baby is feeding themselves! A pull-tab allows parents to easily remove the bowl from surfaces. The perfectly contoured lip allows food to be easily scooped without dripping down the sides. In matching colours, there are ideal to use alongside our Stage 1 Weaning Spoons, making the weaning experience smoother. Designed to support you and your little one to enjoy the taste and textures of their first solid food experiences. Once your baby has moved on from purees, this will become becomes perfect for finger foods, cereals, snacks and much more.

Made from 100% high quality food-grade silicone, our bowl is BPA-free and designed by us for babies. Durable and unbreakable. The suction works best on smooth surfaces. (Dishwasher safe and microwave safe.)

Special Design for children with little hands:
👍 The suction base will grip securely to the table to support children at mealtimes.
👍 The perfectly contoured lip allows food to be easily scooped without dripping down the sides.
👍 The uniquely shaped handle is easy for parents or children themselves to hold during mealtimes.
👍 Colorful options will increase the children’s interet at mealtimes.

Safety Standard:
😍 All products meet the International Safety Standard, including F.D.A.

Cleaning and care:
💪 Top-rack dishwasher safe (hand-wash can be more durable).
💪 Stains can be removed by warm soapy water, water with lemon, or hot water with bicarbonate of soda.

☀ ~ 12cm x 15.5cm x 7cm

⭐ BPA,Phthalate and PVC free,100% food grade silicone

Start using cutlery; Start using Nana’s Manners!

❤ Many nurseries and primary schools across the United Kingdrom now use our products as multi purpose learning tools.
❤ Nana’s Manners are used and recommended by the UK’s National Health Service.
❤ Nana’s Manners products are used and endorsed by Occupational Therapists and Paediatric medical professionals across the United Kingdom.
❤ Nana’s Manners has received numerous awards annually, and they are all significant awards in the industry including:

  • Mother&Baby Awards (Best Feeding Product for Weaning)
  • Junior Design Awards
  • Made For Mums Awards
  • Progressive Preschool Awards
  • etc.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 28 × 20 × 5 cm

Blue, Purple, Green, Pink

Product Authorization

Nana's Manners products are provided by and authorized by TS Education Hong Kong.


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