Pin Poking Set Advanced

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A fine motor activity for pre-writing preparation:

  • 3 Jumbo Pushpins (random colors)
  • 1 Corkboard
  • 48 Pin Poking Patterns

Adult supervision recommended.

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    The popular pin poking set has an advanced version now, suitable for children of 3-6 years old. The fresh set of pin poking sheets are a special collaboaration between Montessorily and Bookish Playroom. The 8 pin poking sheets include 48 pin poking patterns, which are hand picked from Bookish Playroom’s best-selling three parts cards of four distinctive themes, Hong Kong, Transportation, Animals and Insects. Children of 3-6 years old not only have pin poking fun with these cultural images but also parents could support their children by discussing about each item and enriching the daily conversations!

    A fine motor activity for pre-writing preparation readily prepared for home learning. This exercise teaches the child the three finger grasp as well as applying just the right amount of pressure to poke the hole, not too much, and not too little, hence an essential pre-writing skill to attain! This kit includes:

    • 3 Jumbo Pushpins (random colors)
    • 1 Corkboard (around 21.5 cm x 16.5 cm)
    • 48 Pin Poking Patterns

    These sheets are a progressive set from our first pin poking set of geometric shapes. These sheets are smaller dots and require finer hand eye coordination. Hence we suggest them to be used after the first pin poking set. The child can start poking on the dots and then between the dots, and eventually the child can poke the shape out by herself!

    These jumbo push pins have wide heads and are ideal for the small hands to hold and press down to make holes. Young toddlers can start this exercise as early as 18 months old. Not only would they find the repetition of poking satisfying, they are unconciously developing concentration and independent work.

    We recommend storing the push pins in child proof containers (such as a vitamin bottle) when not in use.

    Push Pins: Total length: 45 mm| Steel length: 10.6 mm

    Instructions: We recommend that parents trim the patterns from the big sheets first and the children only work on pin poking each pattern one at a time. 

    Safety Reminder: Adult supervision is recommended while using the tools. After use, place the push pins in a Child Proof container such as a vitamin bottle. During the activity, if the child needs to step away, show them and remind them to put away the push pin safely first.

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